Three Forums on the Journey Together in a Church for Everyone: Next Steps in a Synodal Church.


Imagine Synod 2024 with Women Priests at the table in Rome presenting theologies and ministries in a Church for everyone.

People’s Catholic Seminary presents Three Forums on the Journey Together in a Church for Everyone: Next Steps in a Synodal Church. 

Join us for three sessions of mutual listening and sincere dialogue to continue  exploring possible paths ahead on the journey together in a Synodal Church.

Session 1: Tuesday, January 16, 2024
1pm-2pm EST: 
8:00pm-9:00pm EST

Topic: The Face of the Synodal Church on the Road Together

Session 2 Tuesday, February 6, 2024
1pm-2pm EST
8pm-9:00pm EST
Topic: All Disciples, All Missionaries

Session 3: Tuesday March 12, 2024
Topic: Weaving Bonds, Building Communities
1pm-2pm EDT
8pm-9:00pm EDT

These sessions will be recorded and a report sent to the Vatican for the Second Session of the Synod on Synodality in October 2024 in Rome. 

To prepare for the Forums, please visit the PCS Forum Blog:

Synthesis Report:


Enroll Today PCS 509 – The Secret Revelation of John begins Thursday, September 7 at 7PM EDT

Greetings fellow explorers and thinkers!

Now that summer is really drawing to a close, this is the time to get organized for the next deep-dive course into the world of the lesser-known ancient Christian texts. The Secret Revelation of John runs from September 7 through November 16.

We start this THURSDAY! And you won’t want to miss the opening session. If you missed the preview I sent earlier in the summer, you can still check it out here: (right under the course title).

This ancient text has layers and layers of spiritual insight and practical relevance. It’s a healing message that spoke to the early followers of Jesus who needed comfort and guidance. This is the earliest known text that covers the Christian story of creation, explains the source and action of evil, and concludes with a deep reckoning with salvation.

When you keep in mind this remarkable text was composed around the same time as the later books of the New Testament, you see why this expands our understanding of the earliest years following Jesus.

It would be great fun to have you join us for more thought-provoking discussions!

Zoom meetings provide an opportunity to discuss the material with others and are optional. Participate at your level of availability and comfort. This course is available as an independent study.

Here is the link to enroll:


Bridget Mary Meehan, D.Min.
Mary Theresa Streck, Ed.D., D.Min

PCS 605 – Intro to Pastoral Care, Part 2

Dear Friends of PCS,

We are delighted to announce that Lily Godsoe from Pacific Institute for Essential Conversations (PIEC) will facilitate PCS 605-Introduction to Pastoral Care Part 2. This course builds on PCS 604- Introduction to Pastoral Care Part 1. If you have not taken Intro to Pastoral Care Part 1, no worries. You can always go back and take it as an independent study.

PCS 605 will begin next Thursday, September 14, 2023 and will meet in Zoom every other week for 12 weeks ending on December 7, 2023. The Zoom meetings are not a requirement. They offer you time with the instructor to go deeper into the material and the Zoom meetings are recorded. So you can view them at your convenience.

This 12-week course builds upon the basic elements of pastoral care in PCS 604. In this course, you will go deeper in your exploration of the foundations of pastoral care-giving.  This course will also provide a framework by which you can begin to further develop your own pastoral care-giving ministry.  There will be a greater emphasis on applied pastoral care skills and possibilities for a supervised practicum.

To enroll visit:

Mary Theresa and Bridget Mary

Bridget Mary Meehan, D.Min.
Mary Theresa Streck, Ed.D., D.Min

Precious Life – Precious Planet – Precious Peace

The 25th Annual Kateri Peace Conference is Friday Sept. 8 and Saturday, Sept. 9,  2023.
We have a terrific conference with Kathy Kelly, David Swanson, Debra Sweet and others.
Complete conference information  can be found at


From the conference web site: “A mind boggling 858 billion dollars plus has gone to the Pentagon, war, and weapons this year. THIS OBSCENE REALITY TAKES WITH IT our creative will and commitment to social uplift and the capacity to address creatively and comprehensively so many of the urgent and critical issues of the day which threaten our very sustainability and future on a global scale. Climate collapse, famine, and disease, economic inequality, and racism, THE EXISTENCE OF ENDLESS WARS to a large degree remain unaddressed and unchecked.”