Holy Week Schedule

We will begin our Holy Week on Sunday April 10 with Palm Sunday.  (Please note there will not be a Saturday Evening Liturgy we will celebrate Palm Sunday together).

On Wednesday at 6pm in the Upper Room (in person only) we will have a Spiritual Sound Bath with Gongs Cymbals and Chimes followed by Moment of Oneness on zoom as usual.  ***(See below for more on the Sound Bath)


Holy Thursday Liturgy 5:30 on zoom and in person.

Good Friday Service 5:30 on zoom and in person.

Holy Saturday and Easter Celebration 5:30 on zoom and in person.

There will not be an Easter Sunday morning liturgy.

***Re: Wednesday Sound Bath:

The Upper Room is kicking off the Holy Week Tridium on Wednesday night, April 13th at 6 pm with a special meditation, a Sound Bath. A sound bath is a relaxation technique and meditative experience whereby participants ‘bathe’ in the sound waves produced by instruments such as chimes, gongs, drums and singing bowls.
“Sound baths create the space and conditions for healing to occur on many levels. The sound stimulates our circulation and immune system, cleanses our energy meridians, and helps to release emotions stored in our body like anger, stress and trauma. Sound also balances both hemispheres of our brain, promoting deep relaxation.” Kaur.

Timothy Bell who has done sound baths for many years will grace us with his gongs and chimes from around the world. This will be a 45 minute meditation. Bring a yoga mat and blanket and pillow if you wish to lie down or you may prefer to sit in a chair. You can experience this however is most comfortable to you. It will be in person at the Upper Room location and cannot be recorded.

We hope you will join us and then it will be followed by our Moment of Oneness which will be both on zoom and in person.

Tim asked that the only compensation he wants is for us to contribute to feed the hungry. So, we will have collection for Capital Roots where Tim volunteered at one time. Capital Roots is doing a big campaign to build a big market in Troy for food deserts in the city.