The Upper Room Will Sponsor Selected Non-Profits

Community Outreach Sponsorship

The Mission of the Upper Room states that we will minister to local and global needs. One of our Values is Social Justice and states that we will engage in local and global community outreach, protests and/or rallies, and charitable donations. The Upper Room Inclusive Catholic Organization will designate annually an amount of money from the reserve fund to be used to sponsor non-profit organizations in their mission and work. The amount(s) to be donated will be determined after the annual budget is approved in January and a reserve amount determined. The reserve amount and the amount donated may fluctuate annually and/or semi-annually.

Community members are encouraged to reach out to organizations that they think may benefit from these donations and ask that they consider applying.  A simple application form is provided on our website. The applications will be reviewed by a vetting committee made up of Executive Board members and non-executive Board members. The vetting committee will make recommendations from these applications and ask that each organization prepare a short 5 to 10 minute presentation at the end of a liturgy. The vetting committee will send forward to the Board at its quarterly meeting the names of organizations they recommend for sponsorship. Amounts of the award will be determined by the Board based on the amount of the designated reserve fund and the needs of the organizations.