People’s Catholic Seminary – New Course on Jesus begins in April

People’s Catholic Seminary is offering a new course on Jesus. Registration is open now and closes on April 1. Course  begins on April 4 and ends on May 27. Cost of course is $200 and is limited to 25 participants. This course is free of charge to ARCWP candidates and deacons. The course overview is printed below.

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People’€™s Catholic Seminary

202 – Jesus of Nazareth, Christ of the Cosmos: Model for Living Gospel Equality Today

Facilitators: Dr. Bridget Mary Meehan and Dr. Mary Theresa Streck

April 4 – May 27

Course Description

Jesus of Nazareth, a Jewish mystic, healer, visionary, prophet, teacher, Wisdom Incarnate, reflected the fullness of God€™s love and presence. He is our model for living Gospel equality and justice today. He said a lot about money, power and exploitation. He occupied the Temple in Jerusalem and threw out those who were oppressing the poor. Jesus disciples included €œwomen of means€ like Mary of Magdala and other women who supported his ministry. Jesus reflects the reality that God loves the excluded, and desires their flourishing. He challenged religious and civil authorities, questioned religious beliefs, and presented a new path for inclusiveness , justice, equality that all believers need today to confront systemic injustice and global inequality in religion and society. He did this and so much more. This course presents an in-depth introduction to Jesus of Nazareth and Christ of the Cosmos from the perspective of contemporary scholarship.

 Course Objectives

 Participants will be able to present in blog postings and in a final project:

  • an overview of Jesus of Nazareth as a prophet of the kin-dom of justice, compassion and non-violence 
  • the teachings and examples of Jesus in the Gospels as a model for the contemporary world
  • an understanding of discrimination and violence against women and girls as a pervasive violation of human rights that is rooted in a false interpretation of sacred texts
  • an understanding of Jesus as prophet and teacher who empowered the oppressed and charted a new path toward equality for all on the margins.
  •  the vision and challenges of developing a new paradigm of Christianity, rooted in Christ of the Cosmos, that moves away from dualism, sexism, classism, racism etc., and addresses the needs of spiritual seekers and our earth today