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Upper Room Inclusive Catholic Community
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4 responses to “Contact Us

  1. I got your mailing today. Didn’t notice the word Priest on it or on your website. I’m guessing that there isn’t an ordained priest conducting the Mass? I’ve been Catholic my whole life but do believe they need to evolve. I hope your agenda is not progressive politics, wouldn’t be interested in hearing that in a Mass. Interested but leery of the word “Progressive”

    • Actually we do have ordained priests, both women and men. To learn more about this, please visit which is the website of the Association Of Roman Catholic Women Priests. Please accept my apologies for not replying to you sooner. There was a glitch in our system of notifications.

  2. Is anyone welcome at your liturgy?
    My thanks,

    • Our liturgies are open to all. Please click on the calendar option at the top f the page for full information on times and locations.

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