Policies & Procedures – Marketing & Branding

  Upper Room Inclusive Catholic Community

“We recognize, celebrate and honor the Divine Presence in everyone and everything, as lived by Jesus”

Branding and Marketing

 Just what is meant by branding and marketing?

The purpose of branding is to use images and/or text that communicates the uniqueness and essence of the Upper Room.

Our brand is the first impression that a person will see when coming to our online site(s), correspondence or in person.  Our brand consistency promotes our community identity and lets others know what we are about.

The purpose of marketing is to identify our potential target audience and to advertise the Upper Room Community through various outreach tools.

What makes us unique? Use these when branding and marketing.

  1. Key words: a) women and men priests, b) social justice, c) progressive theology and d) inclusive Catholic community.

Who is our target audience?

The branding and marketing committee believes that our community shares a specific mindset. To increase enrollment and participation we must actively seek out that demographic which includes the following:

People who believe in an evolving, inclusive theology.

People who seek a religious home that leads to spiritual growth and social justice.

People who seek to make an impact in the larger community


                -All communications from the Upper Room should include the logo and letterhead

-A copy of all press releases should be placed in the designated folder in Dropbox

-A press person/spokesperson should be identified for topical areas where press may attend.

-As much as possible we should continue to use the wording (mission, vision & values) that has already been established when describing our organization.

-All marketing material should be reviewed annually



Logo – The Logo should be included on all outgoing written materials (ie: letters, application forms, flyers, etc.). It should also be part of the opening page of any  online forums (ie: webpage, facebook).

The Upper Room Inclusive Catholic Community uses an encircled Tree of Life as our logo. The circle illustrates the inclusivity of the Upper Room. The tree branches and leaves represent the uniqueness of the Upper Room progressive theology. They also represent the personal development and spiritual growth of the individual. As the branches grow and become stronger, so do we as well. This strength is shown as we enhance our knowledge, wisdom, and new experiences. The green color of the leaves symbolizes natural beauty, hope, renewal, and rebirth.

The Logo is an integral part of our letterhead. The composition of the letterhead  consists of the logo, the key phrase, and web address (url). See an example below:

Upper Room Inclusive Catholic Community

“We recognize, celebrate and honor the Divine Presence in everyone and everything, as lived by Jesus”


Banner – The banner includes the logo and can be used as the heading for online, social media pages. It is found in Dropbox.

Upper Room Inclusive Catholic Community



Boilerplate– Any written text that can be reused in new contexts or applications without significant change to the original. Can be used in tagline, letterhead, banner.

Here are some examples of phrases:

–Non-hierarchical circular leadership model                                                                         –We recognize, celebrate, and honor the divine presence in everyone and everything, as lived by Jesus


Press Release

A press release is sent out 1-2 days prior to the event. All press releases must be approved by the executive committee officers of the Upper Room Board. Send the document to the president of the Board. They require a week of lead time to review the press release and respond.

When the Upper Room hosts an ARCWP ordination, press releases are sent out by the ARCWP with a brief writeup describing the Upper Room. The press release is developed with the ARCWP.

The components of a press release include:

A headline or title that is an attention grabber that nails succinctly the story line

A summary of the topic that answers the 5 W’s (who, what, where, when, why), contact person and phone

Date and location



Ending or conclusion

Send a press release to:

Name                                     Email                                                  Phone number

News Channel 6 news@wrgb.com 518-381-4908
News Channel 10 news@news10.com 518-436-1010
News Channel 13 newstips@wnyt.com 800-999-wnyt(9698)
Spectrum albanynews@charter.com 518-641-6397
Times Union tucitydesk@timesunion.com 518-454-5694
Troy Record & Saratogian & Community News newsroom@troyrecord.com news@saratogian.com 518-270-1200 518-584-4242
Schenectady Gazette news@dailygazette.net 518-395-3140
Spotlight News dottinor@spotlightnews.com 518-439-4949


Announcements are made at Liturgy each Sunday. Dennis McDonald sends out an email to the community during the week asking for announcements and collates them by the weekend. Our ordained priests have access to the email list, if needed for marketing.

Target audience – our own community (not one of our target audiences) – would we market to people such as disillusioned catholics, other religious communities

Contacting the Upper Room

 Email – Our email address is upperroomicc@gmail.com

Mary Theresa receives the email and forwards it to the appropriate person

Phone contact – Our current phone number is on the webpage, which is a personal number for a community member. Kathie Ryan currently receives phone calls.


We have 5 signs that are currently being used to designate a path to the liturgy room. One sign is on the roadside, two are on the walkway area, and the last two are interior to the building.


The Bookmark is consistent with our strategic plan. The address had been updated to reflect the New Karner Road address. They are stored in the supply and are available for distribution.

The Welcome Flyer is in the process of being updated and will be available by the end of November, 2021.

Engraved pens, Postcards

Physical Banner

 The Banner is housed in the storage room in the New Karner Road facility. It is consistent with our current terminology and can be lent out for events. See an ordained person for borrowing details.


The hosting site for our webpage is Dreamhost, which is free to nonprofits in the US with a 501c3 certification. The link is as follows


We have a link on the ARCWP webpage for searchers to find us.  Our revised letterhead also contains our webpage link.


We have a Facebook page established by Bridget Ball Shaw in 2016, who is the administrator. The Facebook page is active and always seeking members to post comments, spiritual thoughts, photos, etc.


Inventory we have                 Inventory, not sure                Inventory wish list

Bookmark T-Shirts
Pamphlet Baseball Hats
Sidewalk Sign Open House
Post card, new people Educational Offering
Website UR Material in gifts
Listserv, Directory Sign for new bldg. **
Physical Banner Publics Relations Team,


Facebook page Contact Colleges

** Landlord to post

Goals for 2022

Goal: We will develop a consistent communication and marketing plan that promotes the purpose and values of Upper Room Inclusive Catholic Community. (from strategic plan)

Where should this document be housed so members can have access?

Objective 1 – completed

Objective 2 –  Incorporate information related to ministries and sacramental services into the Branding and Marketing document.

#5 Update current and future communication and marketing materials/resources based on review (ongoing).

Combine the 2 current Facebook pages and continue to update.

Change current phone number to a virtual phone number through Google voice.  Login to voice.google.com. Need google account for church – upperroomicc@gmail.com. It will give us a choice of numbers and forward to whom we designate.

#6 Establish roles and responsibilities for management of internal and external marketing/resource materials

Objective #3 –

#2 Create a plan to promote the Upper Room more effectively via marketing and promotional strategies.

Line item for budget for marketing

Marketing to target audience- we had many ideas such as

Conduct brief survey at appropriate events (to be developed)

Educational, spiritual presentations to the community

Short YouTube videos (to encourage millennials)

Offer the book club to a larger community

Place logo ,name and possibly letterhead on donated items

Purchase merchandise with our logo

Plan for Open House when appropriate

Plan for 10th anniversary (initial plan to begin)

Objective #4

#3 Create a plan for connection to media personnel with whom to establish media relationship -Responsibility of Board

#4 Identify spokespersons for the Upper Room based on topical areas – Responsibility of Board

Objective #5

#3 Create standards/policies/procedures for calendar entries (including types of activities/events) -Responsibility of Calendar coordinator)

Agenda for 11/4

Informational item on Upper Room terminology, etc. – Kathie Ryan

Finalization of press release for 11/28 – Tim

Finalization of welcome flyer – Dave