PCS 720 The Poetics of Stitched Prayers

PCS 720 The Poetics of Stitched Prayers
3 Month Course Beginning September 1st, 2024
with Sibyl Reynolds


We are living in a time of chaos; uncertainty, and information overwhelm. The sacred practice of moving needle and thread through cloth, in tandem with breathing in and breathing out, is healing and restorative for body, mind and spirit. Women have gathered in circles to stitch and pray for centuries. Join us as we experience the blessing of slow, meditative, hand-stitching.

During this three-month course, Sibyl will provide extensive video tutorials and downloadable hand-outs for step by step guidance for a variety of ways to stitch your prayers. Bi-monthly Zoom practice circles will offer opportunity for sharing your work and exploring various techniques and materials. Monthly bonus tutorials for additional techniques will be included. No previous stitching experience is required.

Using simple materials and needle and thread, you will learn basic stitches for stitching your prayers. You will also learn techniques to create a prayer cloth, amulet, prayer pocket, and a hand-crafted journal to record your stitching process. Each suggested project will be an invitation to use your creativity to discover your personal stitched prayer forms. Individual/personal self-expression is encouraged.

Hand-stitching, using a simple running stitch whilst praying, imbues the cloth with intention and meaning. In this way, energetically, the poetics and prayers of stitching is impactful. Imagine this stitching practice as a metaphysical way to contribute to mending the soul of the world.